Services overview

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    a) Biofertilizers based on eco friendly nano size Bioactive L-Amino acids &...
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    Pharma Sector
    Nutritional supplements for human consumption: based on 99.999% pure Biologically active amino...
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    Environment Friendly
    Conversion of organic wastes & sewage sludge to fertilisers to improve soil...
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    Natural prebiotics found in breast milk (human and animal) are known for...
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    Virus Like Particles
    Virus-like particles (VLPs) are of great interest in vaccination, gene therapy and...
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    Technical Services
    Setting up of Turnkey Commercial Plant Tissue Culture Projects. The Company has...

How we work

We have created a team of humic experts, biochemists, agriculture professionals, chemical analysts and horticulture professionals who have constantly been engaged and in touch with the agricultural fields. They use their skills and vast knowledge to develop plant growth stimulants and regulators which are highly beneficial and advantageous for plant growth. They provide their technical assistance and formulate chemicals in required proportions and concentrations so that they yield a high turnover.

Research & Development

We have devoted extreme importance to the energies and resources that assist in creating products and which are developed with creative intelligence to eradicate the scourge of pests and assist in plant growth through the introduction of newer and better plant growth boosters.

Our products have been developed after in depth study and research so as to enhance efficiency and minimize pollution. Our R&D associates have created products that are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus with various minerals and high microbial active compounds which maintains the fertility of soil.

Alia Organics follows a stringent proven quality methodology in every step of its product life cycle from research and development till it reaches the farmlands.