Inagrosa –  Research & Development Partner


INAGROSA, Madrid, Spain Pioneer in synthesizing  Nano Amino acids which are biologically active and similar to amino acids made by Living organisms and acts as Extra cellular Transcription Factors and field trials have shown an increase in mRNA by 330%

Agrobiological INDUSTRIES, SA-INAGROSA – born in 1975 from the merger of a Spanish scientific ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of an engineer and entrepreneur, both formal commitment to transfer scientific ideas and concepts of classical biochemistry and the emerging biotechnology products, drugs or services that are beneficial for users and profitable for all, under the principle of a “technology neutral”.

Franchise Benefits

We are interested in giving franchises; companies interested can contact. We will support by way of Technical guidance to establishing formulation and repacking unit at your location. Initially by supplying finished products from our located establishment. Training for your marketing team will be done. Benefits for franchise are

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