Reports on INAGROSA product’s trials on the recuperation of forests damaged by “acid rain” and as correctors of the phytotoxity caused by herbicides

85. “Fertilizing of Forest Areas by Amino Acid fertilizers in the Krusne Hory Mountains, Czechoslovakia. Evaluation of initial tests.” Sivi Nova AB. Czechoslovakia 1992 (English). 86. “Report of SILVI NOVA” Evaluation of Initial test in Krusne Hory Mountains. North Boheme, Czechoslovakia”, Sweden, 1992....
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Reports about trials of the products in lab, field trials and crops to determine its efficacy

17. “The effect Foliar Application of AMINOL FORTE had on the Growth, Yield and Quality of Established Strawberry Plants”. Dr. S. Thomas D. Gordrey and Neil J. Vicent. Delaware Valley Collegue, Department of Horticulture. Delaware, USA 1986, (English). 18. “The effect Foliar Application of AMINOL FORTE had on the Growth,...
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Basic Research Reports about its mechanism of action and analysis methodology of its composition

1.1. University of California, Davis, USA. “Effects of Foliar AMINOL FORTE on Growth and Yield of Wheat Grown to Maturity”. R.C. Huffaker and K. Harbit.University ofCalifornia. Plant Growth Laboratory.Davis,CA95616. 1987 (English, Spanish). “Effect of AMINOL FORTE on Nitrate Uptake and Growth of Barley Seedings With and Without Salt Stress”. R.C....
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Technical Consultancy

Setting up of Turnkey Commercial Plant Tissue Culture Projects. The Company has the Technical Manpower and infrastructure to provide Consultancy in the area of Agriculture, Tissue Culture and Floriculture as well as erection and installation of equipment for the same.  ...
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Environment Friendly

Conversion of organic wastes & sewage sludge to fertilisers to improve soil fertility. In large area plantations, application of artificial intelligence & online observation using transmitter network satellite, resulting to minimum work force, inputs, pest damages & maximum yield. This has been termed as next generation precision agricultural practices (In association with...
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