Trials Selected between those carried out in Spain 1980-1990

111. “Summary of the trials carried out with INAGROSA’s products in potato crops”. Nestlé Soc. AEPA, Valladolid 1987-1989 (Spanish). 112. “Trials with FOSNUTREN on Wheat, corn and cotton”. Arturo Callego, ETS de Ing. Agrónomos, FERCAMPO, S.A., Córdoba, 1988 (Spanish). 113. “Trials in rice with INAGROSA’s products carried out in the...
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Trials carried out in livestock

100. “Use of amino acids and peptides in the calf ‘white meat’ “. Dr. Marco Tassinary, Prof. Pier Giorgio Monetti. Bologna University. Italy 1992 (Italian, Spanish, English). 101. “Efecto del RASABE sobre la mortalidad por sindrome ascítico en el pollo de engorde criado a grandes alturas.” M. Berger y J....
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Other trials

94. “Study about the tobacco leaves alterations known as ‘pecas’ “. Carlos de Liñán, Manuel Alvarez Murillo. Felix Texeira Quirós. Reyes Cordero López. Politecnic University. Madrid 1986 (Spanish). 95. “Improvement of the production with the use of biological fertilizers in milk plant”. Xunta de Galicia, Servicio de programas y medios....
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87. “Argument to determine the level of AMINOL FORTE inoffensive action in the water of Fish Hatchery”. M.L. Keselman. Firma Scientific-Industrial ECOTORS. Rostov-na-Donu, 1991 (Russian, Spanish). 88. “Protocol of Study”. “Summaries of the toxicity studies carried out”. by LIFE SCIENCE RESEARCH, Ltd. UK. 1990 (English). 89. “Ensayo de transformación celular...
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