Evaluation of Humiforte 20 on crop promotion in mature clonal tea, based on the research conducted by UPASI Tea Research Foundation. View Details...
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In 1997, Tea Scientific Department released a schedule for plant growth regulators (PGRs) integrating the foliar application. View Details...
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Reports on INTEPACSUCAN model for increasing sugar production in sugar cane and sugar beet

115. “El éxito de la Biotecnología en la Producción Azucarera” “The success of the Biotecnology in the Sugar Production” Summary of the trials carried out in 1992-1994 with INAGROSA’s biostimulators in sugar cane growing in Cauca Valley (Colombia) Biotécnica Andina, S.A., Bogotá, Colombia, published in June 1994 (Spanish, English). 116....
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