About us:

Alia Organics is one of the leading organization engaged in Agro and Medical Biotechnology.

Our focus on Agro Biotechnology are engrossed in manufacturing and exporting of plant growth regulator and plant growth stimulant which are essential for proper growth of plants in the initial stage. Our product range includes: amino acetic acid, humic acid, seaweed extract, folic acid, silamol, n-acetyle thiobendazole 4 carboxylic acid, etc., Our products are manufactured by experts after in depth research and analysis so that they are eco friendly and do not cause any harm or adverse affects on plants or growing crops.

Our focus on Medical Biotechnology are use of organisms for the production of drugs or antibiotics, use of stem cells for damage tissue cure or sometimes to grow entire organ by the process of regeneration, to develop new tests to diagnose, to confirm or to predict certain diseases, gene therapy, Stem Cell Research, Nanotechnology, Developmental Biology, Immunology & Oncology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

Our Pledge is our commitment: